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 A La Carte

Add-On Prices:

 Additional DJs, MCs, or Party Liaisons (per person, per hour)______________________$50.00

 Contracted Performers or Auctioneers (per person, per hour)___________________$100.00

 1 Pair of Additional 800-1,000 Watt Speakers (per event)_______________________$100.00

 1 Subwoofer (per event)____________________________________________________$100.00

 1 “Uplighting” Package with 4 Par Cans (per event)___________________________$100.00

 1 Light Tree Package with a Mirror Ball and 4 Triggered Effects (per event)________$200.00

 1 HD Projector Package (per event)__________________________________________$200.00

 1 Truss Package with 8 Triggered Lighting Effects (per event)____________________$300.00

A La Carte Add-On services are strictly used to augment event packages, and are not otherwise available. We do not rent or loan equipment.